Saturday, April 17, 2010


...and summertime too.

We love to go to the River Market on Saturdays. It's been a tradition for us since The Teenager was a little toddler. Today was a gorgeous day for it too. I found a few items I want for the house once we find one (that's a whole story I'm not wanting to talk about right now).

I thought these little yard-bling items would be spectacular in a garden.

I don't know what they're called but the beaded yard decor are adorable. I liked the bumblebees too.My favorite were the flamingos. I have a dream of one day having a yard with a white-trash flamingo smack dab in the middle of it. I know it's wrong but my warped mind just loves the thought of it.

So, of course, while we're there, we HAD to stop at our favorite, River Market Coffeehouse.

The Kid patiently awaited his "little boy" coffee. He doesn't know it but it's really hot chocolate.

Two of my three favorite guys enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the people at the market.

There wasn't quite as much out there yet as there normally is. Most items aren't quite in season yet but I did buy some farm-fresh, organically raised chicken eggs.

I also bought some green beans from someone's garden somewhere out west (at least that's what they said and I'm pretending to believe) that I plan to blanch and wrap in bacon for the grill later.

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