Saturday, April 03, 2010


Well, I really don't know where.

From Hell would be too kind.

The week began with a rod going out in Daddeee's truck. For those of us with no vehicle mechanical sense, that means the engine is shot.

Down to one vehicle.

So Daddeee took me to work in my new car on Wednesday, dropped The Kid off at the sitter, and headed on to work.

A few blocks from work, a woman runs a red light and t-bones my car.

Down to no vehicles.

Daddeee's ok but my car has $4600 worth of far.

Daddeee was wearing his seatbelt.

Amazing person that I am, I have rental on my insurance policy. Luckily.

What kind of car hit him? A Chevy Cobalt.

What kind of car did the rental company want to put us in? A Chevy Cobalt.

No. I upgraded to a Chrysler Sebring. (Don't buy one. It has horrible blind spots)

So if anyone knows of a way to get rid of bad mojo/karma/luck etc, send it my way.

I'm in dire need.

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