Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's widely known around this blog that I love 2 drinks in particular.

Wine is one of my first loves.

Second on the list is coffee.

I'm not a true coffee drinker according to my husband. He says true coffee drinkers drink straight coffee.

I prefer frou-frou coffee. I like my sweetener and milk. I like caramel macchiatos.

But I love to try new coffees. Flavored coffees are ok. I'm really picky about them though.

What I love is River Market Blend made by The Roasterie especially for them.

Last week, though, I discovered they have a new coffee.

Magical Morning.

I don't know what makes it magical but it has a really good, light flavor. It goes really well with a little sugar and some milk or cream. No additional flavorings necessary.

I recommend that if you get the chance, stop down there and grab some. It's a little pricey at $12 a pound but well worth the expense.

If you don't live around here, drop me a line and I could possibly be persuaded to pick some up for you.

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