Sunday, April 24, 2011


Last night, like many others, we colored eggs.

It was quite hilarious watching us. There were several egg casualties, thanks to Tim, but we ended up with a wide variety of decorated eggs.

This one is my confused egg. Is it a chick? Is it a bunny? I don't know. I found the template online and thought it was cute. It's by BUNNY-CHICK!

The dyes we bought weren't too great so I ended up getting out food coloring and playing a little. This egg is thanks to the black food coloring I bought for a halloween tombstone cake. My sister says it looks like a rock. It really does!

The Teenager's egg can't be posted because he decided to have a little fun with the crayons and it got a little bit perverted. Bad Teenager! Bad Teenager! (It was funny though)

And so, after the fun Easter Egg Hunt this morning, the darling little eggs became breakfast.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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