Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There's nothing better to have with dinner than a nice salad.

I usually grab whatever I have in the fridge and add to the salad just whatever.

This salad is just lettuce, carrots, cheese and radishes. I don't like the big radishes but for some reason, I don't mind if they're cubed really small in a salad.

I like to get fancy with the radishes for Daddeee (because he likes them a lot).

I went for a long time and wouldn't buy radishes for him. When we were first married, he left a container of them in the refridgerator for too long.

I was the lucky one to clean out the fridge and find them hidden in the back.

I was having one of those "what the heck is that smell in the fridge" moments.

Yeah, lucky me. No radishes was his punishment. My mom finally guilted me into buying them again. She said 15 years of punishment was enough.

Anyway, back to salad.

Always keep your favorite dressings (yes, plural because you just never know what your craving might be).

If you're a crouton person, get some of those too. Keep them around. They're not bad as a snack, either.

But add a salad to your meal. They're yummy. Do it right and they're healthy too!

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