Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Could it be that spring may have finally sprung? (I love clich├ęs!)

The weather has been rather nice the last few days. Actually making it possible for evening strolls and short sleeves.

The Teenager had an assignment for his photography class today to go outside and just take pictures.

For me, spring is here when the dogwood trees are in full bloom.

I prefer the pink dogwoods but this was the only one he had access to on the school grounds.

I think he's actually getting pretty good at photography. He took this next shot of some plant that we have no clue what it is.

His focus is fantastic.

But I'm hoping spring is here to stay. I've missed it so much. I'm ready for the flowers to bloom and to be able to spend more time outside with lots of fresh air.

By the way, I had my fingers and toes crossed the entire time I was writing this.

Just in case.

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