Friday, April 22, 2011


God created WebTV.

Yes. That was how I first experienced the internet.

Picture it. 1997. Microsoft comes out with a fantastic way to connect to the internet. It didn't have a hard drive and it used dial up. But back then, that was fantastic!

It came with a wireless keyboard so you could sit back in your favorite comfy chair. The webtv connected to your television so you just aimed the keyboard at the unit and low and behold...magic happened.

The world wide web was right in my living room. It was far from fast though. I could dial up (yes, remember the bings and dongs sounds it made?) and then go make a sandwich and something to drink. By the time I made it back into the living room, I'd either still see this screen:

Or I'd be connected. I could check my email, surf the web, or chat online.

The cost: $14.95 a month. Yep, a far cry from what I pay today. But I spent a lot more time waiting back then. Page load times were astronomical compared to today. Graphics were awful too.

But it introduced me to a world that I would come to love so I'm grateful I had it.

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