Wednesday, May 16, 2012


While I was surfing the stats for this blog, I came to realize that the page that gets the most views is How I Love My Bed.

It's crazy.  You would think at least the alcohol recipes would rate higher than my bed.

But, I guess the internet  world searches beds more often than alcohol.  Go figure.

So I thought I'd capitalize on this information and write another post about beds.

My dream bedroom would overlook at a lake.  Or an ocean.  I'd even accept a wide river.  I just want to see water outside by room.

The water is so peaceful early in the morning.  It would be a calming way to awaken.

I'd like to be able to sip my coffee sitting on a deck outside my bedroom.


Really, I'd just settle for a view of water from a simple bedroom.  I'm not asking for anything fancy. 

  But on the other hand, I wouldn't turn down this bedroom.

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