Monday, May 14, 2012


This adorable little face belongs to our newest family member, Fletch.  One of the Teenager's friends found some kittens abandoned by their mother.  She couldn't care for all of them so we took this little fellow into our home.

We fed him with a syringe using mother's milk purchased at the pet store.  He wasn't capable of using the bottle yet so the syringe was our best way of feeding.

He eventually grasped the concept of the bottle and suckled that way.  

Now he's a happy, healthy, rambunctious little kitten. 

At times, he's a pain in the behind.

Ok.  So make that most of the time.

He's a stalker.   He has his claws and loves to use them.  He likes to hide under the footstool and surprise whoever might be walking past. 

He's still adorable.

Especially when he's asleep.

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