Sunday, June 03, 2012


Not really.

But it feels like it sometimes.

One of our newest additions is Fletch.

Well, technically, he's Fletch II or Fletch Jr.

He came to live with us when he was 3 weeks old.  A friend of The Teenager found 3 kittens that had been abandoned by their momma.

We hand fed him with a syringe for the first week we had him then we taught him to eat from a bottle.  

 He's 11 weeks old now.  He's grown a bunch. 

And he's become a hellion. 

He attacks anything and everything that moves. 

Ranger and Dexter love him.  They've accepted him as if he's one of the dogs.  I think Ranger thinks Fletch is a dog.  Ranger played the part of momma cat.

Dexter taught us how to make the kitten use the bathroom. 

It was an amazing experience.

Now if we can just survive the crazy kitten stage.  No kidding, he's an evil kitten.  My toes can attest to that.

But just like a child, when he's asleep, he's adorable.

We might just survive this.

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