Saturday, June 23, 2012


The one household task that I hate the most is cleaning the bathroom.

I'm the only female in the house so you can imagine what the bathroom is like with all the testosterone that floats around in here.

So last night I was wasting time on Pinterest (one of my favorite activities) and I ran across a recipe for a home made bathroom cleaner.
1 part vinegar (I bought a gallon of cleaning vinegar at Walmart for $1.47)
1 part Blue Dawn dish washing soap (97 cents)
1 plastic bottle (I used an old one I had saved from another product so I consider that free)

What I read said to heat up the vinegar but since I was using a recycled bottle, I wasn't sure about putting a hot liquid into it so I skipped that part.

I added the 2 ingredients together, shook the bottle until they were well mixed then sprayed down the tub.  I have an insert in my bathroom so the walls and the tub are one piece.  I sprayed it all. 

I even sprayed the glass shower doors.

Then I left.

The Kid and I went to replace the broom that I just can't seem to find.  Can't figure out how I managed to lose a broom.

When we returned home about an hour later, I took a wash cloth and wiped down the tub then used the shower wand to rinse it out.

Presto!  Clean shower/tub!

It worked amazingly well.  And I didn't have to scrub so that was a huge plus since having shower doors makes it almost impossible to do. 

I also used the same mixture to clean the stove and it worked so well, I'll use it there in the future too.

The biggest plus to all of this was that there were no fumes!

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