Sunday, June 03, 2012


I use this to help keep my sheets smelling fresh.

I just learned about this product a few weeks ago when I asked a colleague of mine what perfume she was wearing.  She said she doesn't wear any, it's the scent from her Unstopables.

So now I've added this to my laundry regime to help keep that clean sheet night lasting for the entire week.

I get the Sunday night blues about this time every week.

It's that moment when you realize your weekend is about over and you have to begin planning for the coming week.

It's a sad moment in time.

I wish I'd have time to do "this" this weekend.  I wish I'd have done "that".

I know.  It breaks my heart too.

But since we cannot stop the inevitable, I've come up with a few things that I do to make the Sunday Night Blues not so bad.

My most important thing is to make sure when I crawl my miserable body into bed, I have something to look forward to.

Clean sheets.

Yes.  It's simple.

Clean sheet night is amazing.  You know that feeling when you pull back the covers, slip your feet underneath them and pull the covers up to your chin and the clean laundry smell engulfs your nostrils?

I can't help but sigh and sink into the bed and relax.

This almost makes Sunday nights not so blue.  Almost.

(Keep following for a few more tips for beating the Sunday Night Blues.)

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