Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I do not often get very verbal about politics. 

I think of this like religion.  It's a personal thing.

But today I'm making an exception. 

An acquaintance posted a picture on Facebook that struck a bad chord with me.


My first thought is "Of course, we wish Obama could grow the economy as fast as he grows the debt."  We wish this just like we would like to be able to do it ourselves.  But just like me, Obama is not magic.

Then my second is "Why is it that people always want to blame the President?"  The president is not the ultimate power.  Our system of government is set up with a balance of power.

Why is no one is placing the blame on Congress?  I couldn't find many Congress-bashing Like-this-Facebook-if -you-agree pictures or posts.

I don't blame the republicans or the democrats. 

I blame them all.

I don't think Congress nor the President have our best interests at heart.  I truly believe it's all about business.  The old "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" comes to mind. 

People have been doing things this way since the beginning of time.

And I know it's never going to change.

I don't like to argue politics but I wanted to make this point.

I also want to point out that I know it's everyone's personal choice as to what they post on Facebook.  I have no ill thoughts toward the acquaintance that posted the picture. 

But if we're going to post things laying the blame of the state of our country somewhere, let's put it where it's due. 

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