Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Big Brother and Hubster have had the flu all week. It hasn't been fun at all. Between Hubster griping because I took too long going to the store to get him popsicles and Big Brother throwing up every half hour, it's been an exhausting week.

Big Brother's fever is just about gone. It was 99.2 last I checked (better than 102.4 at 4 am today). He'll probably be home with me again tomorrow since the school says they have to go without running a fever for 24 hours.

Hubster's been working half days so he doesn't get into trouble with work. He comes home, takes medicine then I don't see him again until I wake him for soup.

Even the dog is showing signs of sickness. When I let him out tonight, he pooped 4-5 times then did the butt-scoot across the lawn (I know TMI!).

(Knock on wood) Little brother hasn't shown signs of sickness yet. Let's hope he doesn't catch it since he's only 3 months 2 weeks old.

On the lighter side of things, we're beginning to plan our summer camping trip. There are several spots near here (can't afford to go far because of gas prices) that we've never camped at so I'm thinking we may try a new place this year. I've invited the nephews and I'm planning on inviting some friends. The more the merrier, ya know.

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