Monday, May 22, 2006


Yesterday Hubster and I went to a Lodge Dinner. After the dinner, they had a ceremony to honor different people. They served Sangria for those that drink alcohol (US!). It was really good.

They gave instructions so that everyone would know when to raise their glass, when to drink, etc. The instruction was to drink, drink again, then drain your glass. We were drinking the sangria in tall champagne flutes. So with the first toast, we followed all the instructions and drank, drank again, and then emptied our glasses (Sangria is not a chugging type drink LOL). That's when we discovered there were to be 7 more toasts. Yes, I said SEVEN! This tradition is part of an OLD, OLD lodge tradition. It cracked me up that the whole thing was made up to get your wasted and it was made up by old men!

Needless to say, on the next toasts, I did NOT empty my glass each time. I did, however, get quite a buzz. It was a blast.

I will definitely have sangria again.

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