Friday, May 19, 2006


Last night brought about tons of sentimental feelings and a lot of sadness. I watched the first hour of Will & Grace and taped the second. I wanted to watch the season finale of The OC.

The first hour of W & G brought tears to my eyes. I love the relationships that they were able to form in their 8 years. I've worked with people like that and have similar relationships that I wouldn't give up for anything. The second hour, the actual season ender, disappointed me. I wanted to see more of the current day events, for example, the birth of Grace's baby. It saddened me that they flashed forward the way they did.

I'll miss the show though. It "normalized" gay life for me. I've known gay people in my life but never in a close relationship. The show just made me understand that they are gay people are no different than straight people.

Anyway, The OC was once again a huge disappointment. The tragic events that take place on the show are so exhausting. There's ALWAYS something bad going on with all of them. Never a dull moment. Well, real life has dull moments. I think I'm giving up the show. The acting last night was sub-par. The death scene at the end was SO incredibly fake.

Last, but certainly not least, I watched ER at 9. It left me so upset that we don't know who's going to die. The characters that could potentially be killed off are my favorites. Jerry's been on since the beginning (yes a short hiatus in the middle). He cracks me up! Kovach and Abby are adorable together. If she loses the baby, I'm going to be incredibly MAD!

It was an eventful night. What will I do with my Thursday nights now?

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