Saturday, May 20, 2006


We had a busy day today and I'm exhausted!

Ranger was sick overnight. He had the runs in his cage so my morning started out with cleaning him and his cage up.

This morning we picked up Sweetie (my mom) and met my oldest sister at the City Market. Oldest Sister's second son finally got visitations with his 14 month old daughter. She is so adorable. She looks just like her daddy. We had such a good time. I bought tomatoes. I've been wanting scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes. That's what's planned for breakfast tomorrow.

We left the Market and went garage saling. I bought 2 new-used outfits for Little Brother. After a few garage sales we took Mom home.

When we got home, Big Brother and I put Little Brother down for a nap and worked in the back yard. I hosed off the patio and the lawn chairs, watered the ground (I say ground because we have no grass). The ground is so hard I need to water it and soften it up before I can put down grass seed.

While we were waiting for it to dry up a little, we took Little Brother for a walk in the stroller. We get to see a lot of the neighbors while we're out. We have a lot of strange people on our street.

First, there's this guy we call Walnut. His name is actually Joe but the nickname "Walnut" has been given to him because he's truly a nut. We had just moved in and I was sitting in the back yard. He comes up to the fence and asks me if I got laid off from Ford. I had no clue who he was. I've never worked at Ford. It was strange.

Second, there's Bill. He's creepy. He calls the kids in the neighborhood "fags". Big Brother was out one day playing with a nerf gun. He shot one of his nerf darts and it went into Bill's front yard. Bill grabbed it and put it in the trash. I was furious. I went marching over (I was about 7 months pregnant so it looked pretty funny) and knocked on his door. I told him, "From now on if you have a problem with my child, come talk to me before you go throwing away his toys!" The guy just stood there with his mouth hanging open. (There's a whole lot more to the story with this guy that I'll have to touch on another day.)

Not everyone in our neighborhood is nuts. We have several very nice people but I'll save those for another day's blog.

After our walk, Big Brother and I went out and watered the back yard again. I'm hoping that with enough seed and water, I may have grass some day.

Hubster went to see a friend tonight so he picked up dinner on this way home. We had a late dinner and didn't eat until 9 pm. While we were eating, Ranger threw up in his cage. I was keeping him in there in case he got sick again. It's good I did. I stopped eating and got that cleaned up. By the time I was done, I wasn't interested in dinner anymore.

Little Brother was a grump tonight. He fussed all through dinner and up until his bed time. I'm glad he's finally out.

Well, as you can see, it was an extremely busy day today. It's no wonder I'm ready for bed.

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