Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My dear darling son, Big Brother, only has a few words in his vocabulary these days. "I want" and "Can I have?" are the 2 prominent sentence starters he uses.

I can remember my dad saying the very same thing about my sister's and I growing up. He used to say the same sentence under his breath that I find myself saying..."I want I want I want, is that all you can say?". So I guess you could say, I've become my father LOL. Big Brother is only 10. How will I ever survive the teen years?

Little Brother has begun screeching. He squeals with delight but it's such a high pitched sound, the poor dog runs and hides. I really expect to look out on the front porch and see every dog in the neighborhood panting at the door. Thank goodness for the Backyardigans though. At least I get a half hour of no screeching. He loves that show and will sit and watch the entire thing without a peep.

I'm in the mood for the City Market. It's not open until Saturday so I'll have to hang until then. I need to get some veggies and refill my coffee. City Market Blend is one of the best coffees ever. I also need to replace the coffee grinder, first. The cheapest one the had at Target yesterday was $25. I know someone will have it cheaper.

Speaking of yesterday, I got my hair cut....short. Hubster wasn't thrilled but he's not the one that has to deal with it every day. It's so thick, it was just laying on the back of my neck. That doesn't help when the temp outside is over 100.

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