Sunday, August 13, 2006


I've talked before about my friend, Tom. His latest excapade is hilarious. Tom goes to Subway and orders a 6 inch sub. When he sees how little meat they put on the sub, he asked about extra meat. The girl informs him it's another $3 for extra meat. WHAT?!?! Yes, $3! Now, Tom is an interesting character in the way he chooses to handle things. He asked her how much more meat she had there. She had 5 more "servings" if you will. He said go ahead and put them all on the sandwich. She did and charged him for each one. The total with tax came to $22.50 for a 6 inch sub. He kept the receipt and called Subway corporate office. He explained to them what he did and requested either his money back or 5 free subs (one for each extra he paid for). They told him they would forward his request on to the manager of that store. Well, he received a call, but it was from the wrong store manager. That manager actually asked him if it was true that he paid $22.50 for a 6 inch sub. Tom said he still has the receipt to prove it.

Now, I asked Tom recently how his "SUB CLAIM" was coming along. He said that they're still putting him off and he calls weekly to find out the status. He told them on his latest call that if they didn't appease him soon (BTW, he's now asking for footlong subs...interest you know!), he was going to blow up the receipt really large, buy Quiznos gift certificates and stand outside their store. Most people would say this but never do it. Tom, on the other hand, WILL do it. I told him to let me know when he does it so I can come get a Quiznos gift certificate. Quiznos is better than Subway, anyway.

I keep forgetting to ask him but I want a copy of the receipt just so I can look at it when I need a good laugh.

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