Sunday, August 20, 2006


I had this really neat idea for a change to my blog and just had to go with it. I wasn't thrilled with the last layout and it just plain bugged me. I still have some tweaking to do on the new one but it'll get done sooner or later.

We went to the City Market today and bought some veggies and some Pappardelle's Pasta. If you haven't tried this pasta, do. It's well worth the expense. The weather was beautiful and well worth the trip down there.

Afterwards, we visited my mom and Sam. Big Brother mowed the back yard and made ten bucks!

When we got home, Little Brother and I layed down and napped. Sunday afternoon naps are the bomb! (ok so that was a lame term but it fits)

Hubster fixed some of the pasta for dinner, then I shaved Big Brother's head for school tomorrow. He starts the 5th grade. I'm happy he's finally excited about going. It's partly because he's excited to wear his new Skechers and partly because his teacher asked him to teach her how to use the smart board.

Well, everyone's in bed except me and Hubster so I think it's time to go pester him and maybe get a pedicure in the process.


Kelly said...

Ilike the new look you are going for... congrats on the 100th post

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