Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have 4 ice trays that I keep in the freezer. It's not so hard that when you use the ice from them to refill them and put them back in the freezer.

Now Daddeee decided that he doesn't like this plan and did away with the ice trays. He wants us to buy ice from the store and just always keep a bag of it in the freezer.

So the other day, he goes out and buys this huge, 500 pound bag of ice. It takes up the entire upper shelf of the freezer that's in the refrigerator. Now, where am I going to put the required giant tub of ice cream? I'd keep it in the deep freeze but it freezes so hard, the jackhammer wakes the neighbors when I make my midnight chocolate shake.

So, after listing to me nag and bitch constructively criticise his choice, he moved the monstrous bag of ice to the deep freeze. Well, during the great transition, the bag splits open and a quarter of the ice falls all over the kitchen floor. Yes, being the supportive wife that I am, I split my sides open laughing at him.

So he decides to put the bag of ice into a trash bag for storage in the deep freeze. Cool idea except we use those nifty new trash bags that nothing will penetrate. It became time for the ice bucket in the freezer to be refilled and, of course, this must be my chore since no one else will refill it. I went to the deep freeze to tackle the trash bag containing the monstrous bag of ice only to find that these new nifty trash bags stick to the sides of the deep freeze. Yes, payback is hell, because I spilled ice all over the inside of the deep freeze!

Even funnier than this is the fact that the deep freeze is, just as it says, deep. Well, since I'm only 5'2", it was quite a sight, I'd imagine, with me leaning over the edge, feet flailing in the air, as I attempted to retrieve as many ice cubes from the bottom as possible. It's a good thing all my cussing like a sailor lady-like ranting hadn't drawn a whole lot of attention from anyone who just might have grabbed the camera.

The monstrous bag of ice is now gone and the ice cube trays have been restored to the freezer. Daddeee is still griping about the ice trays. The funny thing is, he doesn't even use ice.

I can see an ice maker being installed in my freezer in the near future.


Jenifer said...

You could always tell him he could eliminate the problem completely by buying you a new freezer with a built in ice maker :)

Mom Tu-Tu said...

A built in ice maker is definitely the way to go! I have to say I would laugh at my hubby too if he lost half the bag of ice on the floor.

Heather said...

What is it with men and ice? We have had ice issues in our family until we got a built in ice maker.

Rayne said...

I agree...tell him to get a freezer with an ice maker. Bet he'll stop complaining then.