Sunday, August 05, 2007


The boys and I went to the City Market yesterday on a hunt for good veggies. We found tons of good deals and came home with zucchini, squash, onions, jalapenos, asparagus, among other things.

While we were walking around, these 2 bums men stopped us and ask if I could spare a extra coin. I give to charity at work and I work for charities whenever I get the opportunity. I don't believe in panhandling at all. I told him no. His response to me was "That's ok. I'm not mad at you." WTH??? He's not mad at me?

I get up and go to work everyday to support my family. What does he do? What would give him the right to be mad at me because I wouldn't share my hard earned money with him? If anyone should be mad, it should be me!

That goes for these people that stand on the street corner with their signs begging for money. Instead of standing there all day, why not go shower and get a job? I see help wanted signs all the time. I saw one when I got my job.

You can all flame me all you want but this is just how I feel.


Jenifer said...

No flaming here...I agree completely.

I am a 911 dispatcher and you have no idea how many people I see abuse the system and call just because they don't have a ride to the hospital. We waste out resources on a cold....because they are on welfare and the trip will be people like you and me. Meanwhile someone's loved one who is having a heart attack has a delayed response to their house because the ambulance was tied up with a "taxi ride".

Trust me, I feel your frustration every. single. day.

Qtpies7 said...

If you work in the cities and watch these people it gets interesting. They do it for a living. They sit there with their signs, and when they think noone is watching they get on their cell phones and chit chat until some sap is coming, then they drop the phone down behind the sign and beg for money.
Yet they won't go with you to get food, they want the money. Seriously won't take up your offer to bring them out to lunch. That is when you know they are not truely down and out.