Sunday, August 26, 2007


A few weeks ago we were visiting my mom's house for a Chief's party. She is really adament about people wearing Chief's "garb" as it's called in my neck of the woods. She instated a rule that if you don't wear something Chiefs, you have to wear a pair of red panties.

Well, a friend of hers wasn't wearing the appropriate clothing so she told him he had to wear the panties. After a few drinks, he abliged. He even danced around in them for everyone (yes, I had my camera phone in hand).

Now, a few weeks later, I was talking and joking with a girl he works with. I showed her the video. She got quite a kick out of it and showed it to a few other co-workers.

Well, yesterday, I got a call from my mom asking if I was the one that shared the video. Her friend was mad saying he could get into trouble with his probation officer. First off, since when is it illegal to dance around in red panties? (Lock me up and throw away the key, I'm guilty!)

Second, if he's on probation and isn't supposed to be drinking, why was he doing it? He's just mad because he had to take a little ribbing at work (well probably a LOT of ribbing).

Well, the entire situation has just really ticked me off! I'm not normally a vengeful person but this instance is so incredibly silly, I decided to have fun with it.

Below is the video. Tell me if you think what he's doing is illegal.

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