Friday, September 26, 2008


No, I'm not in need of a baby name. My baby making days are over unless fate steps in and changes something major.

I bring up baby names because 2 different families that I know of had babies this week. My online friend, Amanda, had a little boy last weekend and my real life friend, Brian, had a boy on Tuesday.

Amanda struggled with what her son's middle name would be until the day he was born and Brian & his wife didn't name their son until days after. This seems strange to me. I had names picked out for both of my children prior to even knowing what sex they would be.

I guess a person could look of this from two different perspectives. Some would probably say that naming a child is such an important thing that it's not something to rush into. Others might think that it's such an important thing that it's on the top of the list. I felt the latter.

For anyone interested, The Teenager's name is Trey Christopher. If he'd have been a girl, his name would have been Mariah Jo.

Now, for Gooey, the story is a bit interesting. His name is Joseph Maxwell (named after my dad). If Gooey had been a girl, his name would have been Jillian Marie. And actually, he was a girl up until I was 8 months along. They told us at our 5 month ultrasound that we were having a girl. Three months later (after my all-pink baby shower), they did another u/s to determine the size of our little girl, only to discover boy parts! What a shock that was. I mourned the loss of that little girl for a short while but I wouldn't trade my Gooey boy for any little girl in the world!

I'm interested in what other people's thought processes were/are about choosing baby names. Did you choose names way back when you were little, playing house with your friends or did the hospital make you finally choose a name to put on the birth certificate?


Tracey said...

UGH! This is a sore subject with me right now. My poor baby doesn't have a name yet and we are having the hardest time deciding. I think Landon had names picked out by the time I was 2 months pregnant! I feel so behind with this pregnancy.

AmyG said...

I had names picked out right after I got the positive test for both girls. If either had been a boy, they would've been Andrew Christopher. The only struggle I had was with Emily's middle name. I was torn between Victoria or Kaitlyn. I let my Mom choose. I had two names picked out for Olivia & let Emily pick the one she liked the best. We're easy to please obviously, lol.

oh amanda said...

I know! I can't believe we picked out a name in the hospital. We just LOVED Lydia's name and felt like we wanted that same "feeling" w/Asa's name. And there was just nothing that screamed at us for the middle name. Now that we chose one, I like it, of course. But I still LOVE Lydia's name. (Shhh, don't tell!)

baby names said...

We were somewhere in the middle. As soon as I fell pregnant we started looking for baby names. Our list of favourite names was amended almost on a weekly basis! By the end of the 9 months we had a list of around 5 names that we agreed on but were struggling to pick one out of those, until after I delivered.