Monday, September 01, 2008


We haven't done anything exciting this weekend for the holiday. Because of the nature of Daddeee's business, he had to work Sunday and today.

We spent Saturday hanging out around the house and then met friends at Pizza Street for a birthday party. It's always such a wonderful time having dinner with friends while the kids play.

Sunday was spent doing the usual Sunday things. I cleaned up the house and did the laundry. I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but the Lord will just have to understand that busy Mommeee's have to do things. We cooked out London broils on the grill with potatoes (I had cauliflower instead), Chinese green beans, salad and sliced tomatoes.

Today, I got up and made breakfast for the kids (which Bubba decided to sleep through) and sat on the front porch and enjoyed a cup of coffee. Several neighbors came by to say hello and chat. I'm headed down soon to pack us a picnic lunch to take to the park. So today will be my day of relaxation.

Here are a few photos I took this morning of a certain gooey little boy that I adore:

I've heard mullets are coming back in style. I just love his curls.

Tapping his foot to a beat only he hears.

What's that noise? One of his favorite questions.

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