Saturday, September 13, 2008


We had dinner last night at Corner Cafe with the in-laws. There's nothing like cramming 3 months worth of happenings into 2 hours all while trying to chew your food without spitting bits of salad all over someone because they have the knack of asking you a question immediately after you've put a bite into your mouth.

Last night's dinner was extra special because tornadoes were touching down around us and the sirens were blowing. Did we even flinch? Of course not. We're native Missourians and we're used to it. Well, tornadoes weren't literally near us but one did touch down about 30 miles away.

In addition to the twisters, we had rain. I'm not talking "Oh, it's raining out". I'm talking "can't see out the windows, muddy water rushing down the street, some idiot's gonna get stuck in his car because he drove through it" kind of rain. I think Fox 4 said we got close to 5 inches last night.

All in all, it was a good meal. Corner Cafe has awesome home-cooked kind of food. I did pass on the pie which is probably a first.

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