Friday, December 12, 2008


Last night was The Teenager's Winter Orchestra Performance. It was a fabulous display of all the hard work that the kids have put into their instruments this year. I was incredibly proud because The Teenager played first chair!

Since he has to be at the school 45 minutes before the performance begins, I took him and Daddeee followed later with Gooey. This way, Gooey doesn't get bored and we're able to enjoy listening to our talented child. Daddeee and Gooey also left early because the program was long and began to run past his bedtime.

Soon after they left, I received a text message from Daddeee telling me that Gooey had left his hat. It was dark in the auditorium so I began to feel around on the floor as best I could. I reached my hand down into the fold of the seat where Gooey had been sitting and grabbed what I thought was his hat. It turned out to be the foot of the man sitting in the seat behind me!

I apologized emphatically and explained that I was only trying to find my son's hat. He gave me a look as if to say "you mean you can't tell the difference between a shoe and a hat?"

I was so incredibly embarrassed I sank down into my seat for the remainder of the performance.

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