Saturday, July 30, 2011


How could you ever go wrong with a recipe that includes some of the most wonderful foods in the world?

The Teenager and I visited Noodles & Company again last week and this is what I order. It was really good but I thought the bacon to burger ratio was a little off for my tastes.

I decided to make it at home and do a little adjustments.

Ingredients that I used (no exact measurements because you'll just have to adjust it to your own liking):

Ground Beef - I just used the basic stuff. I cooked it in the skillet and drained the grease from it. I seasoned the meat with some light Italian seasonings such as garlic and oregano but once again, go with your own tastes.

Bacon - I can bring it home and I can fry it up in a pan.

Pasta - I just boiled up a pasta. At Noodles, they serve it with rotini. I used mostaccioli because it's what I had.

Shredded Cheese - Again, use what you have. I used colby-jack.

A fresh diced tomato - Mine came from the corner stand. I wish I could say they came from my own garden but I just don't have one this year.

Pile it on. Grab your plate or bowl and put in the pasta, ground beef, bacon, shredded cheese and diced tomatoes (not necessarily in that order - use your imagination!)

Thank you, Noodles & Company for the idea. Don't worry. I will still come see you because when you cook it, I don't have to do dishes!

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