Saturday, November 29, 2008


I'm a little late but I sure hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday. I sure did.

I started out the day with all intentions of eating healthy all day so that I wouldn't be famished with an all out pigfest for dinner. I failed miserably.

I did have my healthy cereal for breakfast but it all went south fast from there. Dinner wasn't until 4pm and with a busy day, I failed to eat again until then.

Gooey and I took a disappointing trip to KMart. They didn't have the phone I wanted *not a surprise by any means* so I chose the next best choice that was supposed to be for $19.99 but didn't ring up for the sale price. The rude checkout girl informed me she couldn't do anything about it, I would have to go to customer service. The even ruder customer service gal told me it wasn't the phone in the ad. I knew this already. I told her it was the one with the regular-non-Thanksgiving-sale sign on it. She called back to electronics (after an incredibly long sigh that to me meant I was ruining her day). Evidently, someone was going to look because they left me standing there waiting for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, several other people were there because their sale items were ringing up as regular prices. People, check your receipts! I finally ended up just getting a refund and will NOT go back to KMart. It's no wonder they're a failing business around here.

Anyway, I've wandered from my original thought once again. I made Grandma Mary's cauliflower casserole (Thank you, Bama Sherry for sharing this glorious recipe!). By the time I got everything done that needed to be done, it was time to head to mom's house.

My mother is an awesome cook. She completely outdid herself this year. The turkey was amazing along with the mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, dressing and hot rolls. Yes, I ate every bit of it. There was no diet today. My famished body sucked up so many calories, fat and cholesterol, it'll take me until January to recuperate. But I don't care.

It was Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for.

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Tracey said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. Don't worry about over-eating. You have done so great with your weight loss that I know you will be able to rebound quickly from it. There is Christmas to get through though... :)