Monday, October 23, 2006


I got suckered into running the kids to and from school today (the twins spent the weekend). So after I dropped the twins off at school, Big Brother and I stopped at McDonalds before he had to be at school. I was feeling so lucky since today is Free Coffee Monday. I've never liked McDonald's coffee in the past but since they've changed their "formula" I was excited to try it.

Well I ordered an egg mcmuffin for me and a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit for my boy. I also ordered 2 coffees (yes, he likes coffee and since the kids probably stayed up half the night, I figured he'd need it).

I'm watching the screen to make sure my order is correct. They charge me $1.50 for the coffees...WTF?!?! Evidently, you have to specifically order "FREE COFFEE" otherwise they charge you for it!

So we pay and move on to the next window. We get our food and coffees and head on to the school. I'm eating my sandwich and reach down for a drink of my "free" coffee that I had to beg for. I take a drink...and it's the nastiest coffee I've EVER tasted! They switched their formula...but made it worse.

Now, the car in front of us ordered "free" coffees too. She asked for 11 sugars and 7 creamers in each. Now I know why. You have to have something to mask the nasty flavor!

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