Friday, October 13, 2006


(Yes I know I missed last week, call it a brain fart)

So for Photo Friday this week, I pulled photos from the old days. Here are a few photos from my wedding, December 20, 1993.

We got married in the living room of the justice of the peace. It was a beautiful room, decorated for Christmas. His wife was baking gingerbread cookies in the kitchen so the smell was magnificent.

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The big kiss! My sister was my matron of honor and her (now ex) husband was Hubster's best man. We made the flowers ourselves, not bad I must say.

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Back before Hubster turned grey-headed.

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The rings. We had put Hubster's ring on layaway and hadn't paid it off yet. That morning I went to where we bought it and asked if they'd let me give them the diamond ring that Dad gave me in place of it just so I could put that ring on his finger that day. He was shocked! I wish I had that photo to share but it's only in my head (and always will be). It made my sister cry.

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