Thursday, October 26, 2006


Tonight Big Brother and I went to visit Mom and take her a newly reformatted computer so she'll quit calling with computer problems. She had just gotten home from work where she's a bartender. A customer of hers that left a short while after she did, was driving down the street where the bar is. He was hit head-on by a police car that was doing 60 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone. The police car did not have his siren or lights on.

The customer, according to Mom, had been at the bar all afternoon and this is what he'd had to drink:

2 buckets (each bucket contains 5 bottles of beer), 6 shots of tequila, left for a short while and came back for 2 more bottles of beer.

This mas should NOT have been driving. We found out a while later that they did take him to the hospital but as of yet, we don't know how he is. We also don't know about the police officer that was driving the car.

We drove by on our way home and they still had the street blocked off. We were able to see Liver's truck (Liver is the customer....and yes, that's his nickname). It didn't appear to be damaged too badly.

Channel 4 News was there so I plan to watch at 9 pm to see what they say. I'd be interested to know who they blame.

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