Thursday, October 19, 2006


When I was growing up, no one would have thought anything if a parent swatted their child on the behind for doing something wrong in public. These days, if you swat your child in public, someone will call child services because you've abused your child.

About the same time that all that changed, children began taking guns, knives, etc to school. Did you ever wonder if there is a connection?

Growing up, I feared my parents but not in a bad way. I knew that if I did wrong, I would probably get a spanking. Kids today don't know what that was like. They no longer have that fear of their parents. It's that fear (for lack of a better word) that keeps kids in check on their behavior.

Maybe if parents went back to spanking their children instead of using psychology then children would have that fear that is needed to keep themselves out of trouble.

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