Friday, January 05, 2007


It's finally Friday. I start my new job today. Yes, after a whole hellavalotta hassles, I was finally able to get fingerprinted. I'm looking forward to it.

Today is also weigh-in day for Future MILF's. I did really good this week. I lost 6.5 lbs! Not the huge drop I expected for the first week but considering the holiday and the stress of the week, I did pretty well.

I plan to add an extra vegetable to my diet this next week, probably as a snack (that will work out best for me).

I challenge all of the other Future MILF members to do the same! Whether it be a raw veggie or a cooked one, just add one extra serving of a vegetable to your menu.

I look forward to reading all of your blogs to see how you're doing!

This is not how I weighed in this week!


Christina said...

Yeah! 6.5 is good!

Veggies are our friends, right? LOL! I've actually learned it is easier to replace the bad stuff if you start eating the good stuff without threatening to quit the bad stuff...okay, that didn't even make sense, but, YES! Let's all add some veggies!

Lotta said...

Um, hello 6.5 kicks butt! Great job! What plan are you doing? And it won't be too hard to meet your challenge since I've barely touched a vegetable that didn't come on top of my Big Mac in quite some time. But I'm making a big old veggie soup tomorow!

Jenifer said...

Holy Mary mother of God.... 6.5 pounds!! Wow!

I don't think I have ever lost that much in 1 week! You would think you were on the biggest loser ranch or something!

I will take your challenge by snacking on baby carrots or celery at night instead of CRAP.

See less of you next week, keep up the awesome job!

Lacy said...

6.5 lbs is great! Way to go!!

M'Lynn said...

6.5 is AWESOME!

I accept your challenge! Veggies are good, m'kay?

Katie J said...

Uh, 6.5 pounds? That's awesome! I will work on the veggie thing. Thanks for the advice!