Saturday, January 06, 2007


I worked my first night last night. Well, I didn't really work but I was "at" work. I spent the first half of the night filling out paperwork and watching those cheesy "this is our company" videos. I was impressed that it was all done on the computer. Even the forms for taxes were computerized. The company is striving to be completely paperless. Save a tree!

When I got home at 12:30 am I was SO SO hungry. Hubster had made baked chicken and veggies for dinner and made me a plate. I wasn't going to eat it but my tummy thought otherwise. The headache I had didn't help matters. So I ate the chicken and veggies...all of it! (Kuddos to Hubster for making good baked chicken!)

When I woke up this morning I still had the headache. Tylenol cured it, thank goodness. I wonder how many calories are in Tylenol?

I didn't step on the scale this morning for fear my midnight snack made me balloon. I feel like it today though.

So now here I sit wasting time until the Chiefs lose play in the playoffs today. Max is wearing his Chiefs gear, Trey won't wear his, and I'm wearing mine. I'm sure Hubster will put his on when he gets home from work. If they do lose, I'm going to blame Trey for not wearing his gear! LOL j/k

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Jenifer said...

1st Tylenol= 0 calories

2nd= baked chicken and veggies are a heck of a lot better than say... Little Debbie Snacks, Chips, or any array of things you could scarf down at midnight.

The question is did you have dinner at work? Was the chicken like a 4th meal? Maybe you will have to adjust your eating times with the new job in order to figure out when you are most hungry and need to eat. Just rember the whole "eat at night and gain more weight" thing is just an old wives tale. It's how many calories in a 24 hour period. period.

Good luck, keep your chin up!