Thursday, January 11, 2007


No I'm not talking about that "thingy". I'm talking about my son's Nintendo DS Lite. He bought it using his birthday money back in November. He used a gift card he got from his aunt to buy the game "Brain Age". He allowed me to play with his Nintendo DS at first.

"Brain Age" is a test of how old your brain is. Through a series of tests, it determines how old your brain is. When I first started my brain was 56. I'm 36 - for a few more days anyway. My brain is much older than me and this is NOT a good thing. The games offers daily training to improve the health of your brain. After using the game for a few weeks and doing my daily training faithfully each day, my brain age got down to 26. Not bad for a 36-year-old.

Then, my son up and decided it wasn't cool to share his Nintendo DS Lite with his mom. None of his friends share theirs with their moms so why should he. It's just not done.

So now here I am with a brain that is aging without me. Before you know it, my brain will be celebrating it's century birthday. I'll be 37 and sitting in a puddle of my own drool because my unexercised, untrained brain will have gone beyond it's golden years. How cool of a mom would I be then?

So, Crazy Hip Blog Mama's is giving away a PINK Nintendo DS Lite. If I won, I'd be able to save my brain from deteriorating and save myself the expense of a lifetime supply of Depends underpants.

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Jenifer said...

LOL! Gotta check out that giveaway, I could then give my DS to my step son who drools over it constantly. I got one from hubby last year to help me pass the time at work, however now that I have found blog-surfing much less gaming gets done! I do have the "brain age" game and was able to get my brain age to 20, however my co-workers thought I was a bit strange (or had tourettes) when I started yelling "Blue! Red! Black! Yellow, yellow, YELLOW!!!!" to my screen!