Sunday, January 07, 2007


I love the Miller Lite commercials with the group of guys sitting around deciding on what's acceptable and what's not. The "Don't fruit the beer" cracks me up. So here are some of my "Mommeeelaws" as declared by me:

1. Put the toilet seat AND lid down on the toilet. I hate to walk into the bathroom and find the bowl exposed...GROSS!

2. The toilet paper roll MUST be put on with the toilet paper coming from over the top...NEVER under.

3. Always rinse your dishes out before leaving them in the sink. I would like this law to be "Never leave dirty dishes in the sink" but I have to compromise somewhere.

4. Take your shoes off before you leave the tile by the front door. I'm not Japanese but I still feel this as appropriate because I don't want your mud and gook tracked on my carpet.

5. Don't put your shoes on my couch.

6. Correct your children while in my house. If you don't then I will. If you don't like me correcting your children, then take care of it yourself. (Tom, I hope you're reading this)

7. NEVER drink the last Coke out of my fridge. It's all MINE!

8. If you use my radio, put it back on MY station when you're finished.

9. Always makes sure I'm satisfied first 8-)

To be continued...

Note: Should you have a suggestion for a Mommeeelaw, feel free to leave a comment! I know there are 1000's that I've forgotten.

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Jenifer said...

If the garbage is full..... empty it.

Do not leave dirty clothes on the floor.... wehave a hamper for a reason!