Sunday, January 21, 2007


I've spent the majority of the weekend asleep. It's been nice. I feel like I've lost my weekend, but at least I'm rested. I needed to take care of my sleep deficit so I can start all over again this week.

My days start early and end late. The one good thing about my schedule is that since I'm getting up off my fat butt, I've lost 9.5 lbs! I'm so excited. That's almost a big bag of potatoes! Who'd have thought that adding a meal a day would actually make me LOSE weight? LOL I'm loving it.

The guys went to Monster Jam today and left me and Little Brother home alone. Little Brother took pity on ol' mom and napped the entire time they were gone. So did ol' mom.

I'm off now to see what my Future MILF friends have done this week. I'm hoping for tons of loss this week (that sounds bad but it's really good). Keep up the good work, ladies!

Update: Cartman is GONE! I feel such a loss that I can no longer look forward to seeing Cartman stranded on the side of the road. Friday was trash day so I'm thinking someone tossed him. Good luck, Cartman, on your new journey to the city dump!

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