Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The other night, I had the back door propped open while I was cooking dinner so that Gooey could run in and out. He loves to "play back-ard". Leaving the door open gives me the opportunity to get things done and keep an eye on him (I can see him out the backdoor and the kitchen window).

Gooey had come inside for the umpteenth time and I heard him say this as he went running back outside:

"Bubba! No! You're grounded!"

Evidently, big brother Bubba had wandered into the backyard and was touching one of Gooey's toys. He was thereby judged and sentenced by his younger brother for the fault.

Bubba comes through the backdoor laughing histerically, "Mom, he grounded me!"

I can see Gooey all grown up, sitting in that big burgundy velvet chair, pointing his finger at people.

Hopefully, he'll have better taste in hairstyles.

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