Sunday, April 20, 2008


I think we've finally done it. I think spring is finally here and it might stay this time. We've actually reached mid-70's today. It's been beautiful outside.

We began the day by driving over the border to Kansas and going shopping at Legends. This is a new "mall" that opened up last summer. It's an outdoor mall and with the weather today was perfect for it. Our task for going there was to find Bubba a new hoodie. We went into probably a dozen or more different stores before finding one at Levi Strauss.

Gooey was extremely cute while we were out. Everytime we entered a store, he got upset because he was inside but when we'd leave the store, he'd scream with joy about being outside again. It was too cute.

We lunched at "Cheeseburger in Paradise". I wouldn't say we had the best experience there. We waited 15 minutes after being seated at our table before finally asking someone if we were ever going to be served. The hostess forgot to "assign" us to someone. So we ordered and got our drinks, but the waitress forgot our salads and brought our food out first. We canceled the salads but she also brought the wrong item out for the boys. We had ordered the 6 mini-cheeseburgers and she brought us the 2. Two mini-cheeseburgers wouldn't feed Bubba let alone Bubba and Gooey. But, on their behalf, I will say they took the drinks, the boys' item, and the salads off the check. I will say, the burgers were awesome.

After our outing, we put Gooey down for his nap and I worked in the yard. I raked leaves (a small mountain's worth), swept the patio and added some stepping stones along the patio walkway so the grill would have a new home. It looks really nice.

So now I've been showered, Gooey's in the tub, we've had dinner (yummy beef dogs on the grill, slightly crispy). It's now time for a quiet night in front of the tv sipping on some iced tea and having some tylenol for my sore back. I believe the finale of Oprah's Big Give is on tonight. Plus, I have some Tivo'ed shows to catch up on.

So, good night, my friends. I wish you all a safe, happy week ahead.

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Anonymous said...

YAY for spring! I'm glad spring has finally decided to show itself for you! Sounds like you had an awesome day!