Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Bubba and I made a dash to the grocery store the other night. Leaving the store, I was thirsty. We stopped at one of the machines outside the store and Bubba talked me into buying a Java Monster. There are 3 flavors: Mean Bean, Big Black, and Loca Moca. I gave Bubba the choice and oh boy, did he choose well.

The Mean Bean is just awesome. It's definitely my new addiction. They're about $2 a can and with only 200 calories per can, it's not too bad.

Today, Bubba got the Loca Moca. He liked it but for me, not being a huge fan of mocha, I decided I liked the Mean Bean better.
Bonus, I pass the store on my way to work so if I'm in need of an early morning boost, it's a quick dash into their parking lot.

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