Saturday, April 26, 2008


Really. I wanted to do a post to let people know who I am. I'm not talking simple details. I'm talking deep-down soul-searching this is who I truly am. Are you ready? Let's go.

1. My name is Jeanna.
2. I'm the 3rd daughter of Joseph and Linda.
3. My oldest sister is Angela (6 yrs older) and my next older sister is Vicky (10 1/2 months older).
4. I've been married to Tim, for almost 15 years (Yeah, honey, I'd better get something really good this year for putting up with your crap for that many years!).
5. I have 2 sons, Bubba, 12 going on 22, and Gooey, 2.
6. I wish I could have another child, a girl.
7. I'm 38 years old and I'm feeling every bit of it.
8. I'm overweight.
9. I have been all my life.
10. I drive a minivan but love it.
11. I'd still like to have a sports car but it's not practical right now.
12. I don't have a lot of friends because I suck at making them.
13. I'm shy.
14. I'd do almost anything to help a friend in trouble.
15. I won't speak up for myself.
16. I don't like confrontations.
17. I used to crochet.
18. I also like to play with Photoshop.
19. I can sing pretty well and always wanted to be a famous singer.
20. I like taking pictures, mainly of my kids.
21. I have a decent camera but wish I could afford a better one.
22. I wish I could afford a lot of other things but I suck at handling money.
23. My bills are all paid.
24. I wish my sex life were more exciting.
25. I have low cholesterol.
26. I miss my dad...a lot.
27. I have a deathly fear of the dentist so my teeth aren't in the best shape.
28. I love to cook and I'm pretty good at it.
29. My house is messy because I don't have the time or energy to care.
30. I appear really smart to people but deep down I don't feel like I'm smart.
31. I worry about what people think of me.
32. I have allergy asthma.
33. I love to drink iced tea and diet coke.
34. My favorite food is shrimp.
35. I don't drink water.
36. I like all kinds of music, including country.
37. I have the hots for Drew Carey.
38. I watch too much TV.
39. I have saggy boobs.
40. My hair is auburn but I highlight it to strawberry blond.
41. I have green eyes and I'm partially blind in the right one.
42. I have a good complexion.
43. I won't wear my shoes in the house but I won't walk outside without them.
44. I hate when my husband spends time with his motorcycle because it means he's not with me. 45. I have to sleep with my feet outside the covers.
46. I like A1 on my potatoes.
47. I love to eat out.
48. I've never had sex with anyone except my husband.
49. I adore my boys more than anything in the world.
50. I have a lot of regrets in my life.

So, there's 50 random things about me. I hope this shows you a little more of who I am.

If you want to post the same about yourself, have fun. Be creative and honest. Post a comment and let me know if you do it so I can come read yours too. I'd love to.


Toni said...

I stole your idea :) Thanks! I enjoyed it.

momof2princesses said...

Hmm... blogger is messing with me, lol. Said I had already posted. Anyway, wanted to let you know I loved your post & I did it on my blog as well.

Nikki said...

ok...I LOVED this post..Im off to "try" to do it...I hope I can come up with 50!