Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today's post is about random thoughts. I was sitting here trying to figure out what I would blog about today and so many things came to mind I thought I'd just include them all.

1. I've discovered I have a bad habit. It's a recent thing and I don't have a clue how it developed. It's using the word freakin'. I noticed it in the worst possible way too. I answered the phone last night to one of Bubba's friends. Bubba had just walked out the door to go play outside so I told his friend he had just missed him. Our weather here is really cold. I'm not talking a spring breeze as it should be at this time of the year. I'm talking freakin' cold. See, there it is again. And that's how I used it talking to Bubba's friend. Now he probably didn't notice it because I believe that's how the kids are talking these days. But I noticed it. I *HAVE* to break this habit but I'm not sure how. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2. I don't have to work today. For the first Saturday in months, I don't have to be at work. My first thought was that I'd sleep in but you can see by the time on this post that I'm wide awake early in the morning. I could/should be cleaning but I'm really not up for that yet today. I did spend some time making some siggies over at Pixel Perfect Signatures. We're really behind on requests because everyone's RL's are so busy.

3. Daddeee and I are planning another trip to White Cloud. It'll probably be in the next few weeks. We've been so busy lately that we don't get to spend much time alone. He's been working on "The Other Woman" (his motorcycle) and I've been catching up on errands.

4. One of the errands this past week was getting Bubba a new violin. He's been playing for almost 2 years now (hard to believe it's been that long already). He did have a 3/4 violin but outgrew it. Yes, he's grown a good 2-3 inches in the past few months. So now he has a brand new full size violin. We also upgraded his bow. Oh and his new case is the bomb (is that term even still hip to use?). And the payment was upgraded too. It was $25 now it's $50. We could have paid for it outright, but this way, they'll replace it if something happens to it. Another bonus!

5. Our new cellphones came yesterday. We added Bubba to the plan with his own phone. We got a prepaid phone for him for Christmas with the stipulation that he bought his own minutes and used the phone responsibly. He proved he can handle it and I'll admit, I've enjoyed him having it. If he's out and about in the neighborhood, I can just text him when it's time to come home. My new phone is a slider with an MP3 player. Now if I could only figure out how to use all the functions.

6. My dearest husband asked me why I changed my blog look again. I wasn't really thrilled with the last color scheme. It was so "springy" and since spring isn't here yet, I figured I'd change to something a little more "me". I really like earthtones. I added the Kokopelli to the header because I really like the character. I've collected it for years. It started back when we first started to try to conceive our second child. We had bad luck and since Kokopelli is a character of mischief and fertility, I thought it was appropriate. He may have been slow working for us, but we still got our Gooey! And, no, I didn't add him to the blog as a fertility booster. My baby days are done!

So that's pretty much the past few days summed up for you. We have no big plans for the weekend. I plan to catch up on some housework and watch movies. I'm thinking today will be a chili day since it's a chilly day hehe. Yes, here it is almost the middle of April and we're supposed to have snow here today. Gee, I love living in Missouri!

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